Whether Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO or other sources for shows and movies, YouTube is on the hunt to change the public’s perception. While YouTube itself is a major streaming service it has focused mainly on user uploaded videos that showcase reviews, tutorials, products or miscellaneous. While many people categorize 2 different types of streaming, in essence it comes down to the same thing, a place for individuals to watch content that are not owned by themselves.

While YouTube in a nut shell is one of the largest streaming networks used by individuals, it is not in competition with other services that offer TV shows, Movies and a mix of exclusive content of such. While YouTube does have its own exclusive content, it is known that Google, which owns said service, wants to truly dominate that world in any way possible online and offline.

YouTube in conjunction with Google has taken advantage of online advertising by allowing videos to be shown for promotion of companies. With this it was not too long ago that Google changed this and started allowing users to pay for a subscription model that will allow for multiple features: ad-free YouTube, offline playback, and background music video playback for $9.99 per month. It is also in the process of developing exclusive original series with stars on the streaming service in an effort to boost business of both viewership and commitment.

Google and YouTube are now looking to truly make an impact on more of the industry by trying to secure deals with studios to bring the best quality content that will be exclusive for their streaming services in which a monthly fee will be added to view said content. This will be in direct competition with other services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and HBO. While Google does have a lot of weight in the online marketing and advertising sector, it will take a lot of convincing and money to i) shift individuals to use this potential paid service, switching from their current ones and ii) take a lot of money to entice studios that they can make it work. While each streaming service does spend a lot of money per year trying to secure deals, YouTube is starting from the bottom in the paid streaming service segment while others are either steps ahead or superstars in the industry.

Long Road Ahead:
While we are never sure what Google will and won’t follow through with, this idea could either work out very well for them or be a major failure. Only time will tell if YouTube will be able to and if they truly will compete against major players in the paid streaming service market. For now we hope that Google in combination with YouTube will continue to improve their online video advertising to help support local businesses succeed.

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