The Success of Search Engine Marketing


The many advancements in technology have radically altered the expectations consumers have regarding how search engines, and the ability to search in general, can deliver information to them. With the combination of advanced artificial intelligence, mobile adoption and machine learning, the future of search engine marketing can be seen through three specific areas: voice, universal usage and commerce:

Voice is important in regards to two specific lenses: the aspects of using your voice to search the internet and the personal assistant. Focusing on voice searching first, about 55% of millennials use voice search at least once a day. Asking a device to do or look up something and gaining accurate results is a giant leap for voice search technology. According to Microsoft, there's a longer search query when using voice search, meaning a re-evaluation for better optimization is needed.

Now onto the personal assistant, which is a form of technology that's always by your side and allows you to easily forget that you're talking to a computer. Systems like Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri and Google Home are the mainstream voice assistants on the market. Personal voice assistants are capable of making accurate searches and assumptions based on the information they've gathered in the background, like your location, personal information and whatever they pick up from passing conversations. It seems the future of personal assistants includes advancing artificial intelligence to anticipate or initiate an inquiry to better organize your life.

Universal Usage:
Within the search engine universe, Google is a clear leader in optimization and marketing. However, with the evolution of searching the internet, there are other key players rising up with platforms that could be notable competitors in the future. Facebook, Amazon and Apple, just name a few that are introducing new search platforms in interesting ways, some of which include smartwatches, Apple Spotlight search engine and more. Optimizing websites and search engines for a better user experience is a point that needs to be reinforced in regards to its importance in creating an experience with relevant results for users.

Commerce is yet another avenue that's evolved alongside the expansion of search engines, allowing consumers to better connect with brands as well as buy online with efficiency. Amazon, for example, is often the first place online shoppers will go to for search results instead of utilizing search engines for more results or other retailer sites. The use of visual searches is also coming into play, as consumers can now use their smartphone cameras to scan and identify products before searching for them online. For brands to take full advantage of visual search technology, they'll have to improve their own visual dictionary and reveal it to search engines.

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