In the new world of online marketing there has been a major spike with regards to how many are showcasing their businesses through various media channels and platforms. With the surge of new advertisers also comes the introduction to new ways of marketing online along with bombarding customers more often. While many are not always happy with seeing ads everywhere they go, most of the time nothing is done about it. This brings up the opportunity for companies to develop software to in essence block some of the network platforms where ads are seen.

Just like with Google, Facebook has ads that help to promote company pages by sending users to their website, page for liking and engaging, downloading apps, or for branding purposes. These ads are the corner stone of Facebook’s way of helping companies bring in new customers in and trying to increase revenues. While advertising on Facebook is not new it has started to reach a higher level status as more companies are joining in along with Facebook adding more ways to advertise, whether on the right side, through news feeds or within pages.

A Shift:
Facebook used to be for 1 thing, to connect with others from your past and present while being able to connect no matter where in the world everyone was. Over time we have seen that Facebook, just like any company, needs to find ways to make money while still trying to provide a service that is exceptional and always being updated. Since membership is free Facebook has gotten into the advertising market to help their company along with others. While this is great and a good place to start this means that the users of the service suffer somewhat as now ads are everywhere.

A new ad blocker is in the process to help aid in removing and blocking ads on Facebook, while letting through only a few that are considered acceptable. While this is not fully set into place yet it allows users to have options on blocking some of the ad locations to help make Facebook move back into the original focus when it started. While these ads can become annoying it must be remembered that most of the time they are hidden well where they are no interference with the user experience.

Ads For A Good Cause:
While many may find any form of advertising annoying it must be remembered that this is the best way to reach new potential clients in an effort to grow and stand out. What many do not understand is that there are great products out there, new ones everyday, that are always improving upon what is currently available. By this companies need to quickly reach customers widespread and by not blocking it allows for potential new purchasers to find a product/service that is superior of what they are currently using. This would only help both the company and potential new customers. With this Facebook ads aid in building better futures for everyone.

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