Before engaging in BreezeMaxWeb's digital service offerings in September of 2017, Tuffy Auto Service Center based in Chicago, Illinois, was experiencing difficulties with their online presence and overall business was stagnant. Loren, the GM of this particular location, wanted to not only increase his customer base, but drive interest in tough to diagnose and repair aspects of vehicle breakdowns, which would garner a higher paid service selection and those that can be reoccurring.


Loren has the advantage of a busy intersection location that utilizes great signage, but they aren't driving in as many new customers as he had hoped for. Loren needed something more effective to grow his customer base and started looking into digital advertising that would target the right people, at the right time for the right services.


Loren met with Media Consultant Kevin Dantas and BreezeMaxWeb® reviewed Tuffy's current marketing methods and drafted up a tailor-made solution for Loren after extensive research and demographic assessments. The game plan consisted of an entry-level Google Ads budget geared towards hyper-local mobile searches to reach clients when they needed him the most during a vehicle service warning or breakdown! Over the next several months, the Google Ads were optimized for targeted conversions, using well thought out ad copy that was tweaked daily. BreezeMaxWeb® focused on driving phone calls to Loren's shop and once they started coming in, budgets were shifted to focus on the best converting keywords, geographical areas, and devices. This increased traffic to his Tuffy Website Portal also aides in increasing organic traffic. Google ranks websites higher when they receive more traffic ‐ especially when that traffic converts into a web lead or phone call.


From the first month of working with BreezeMaxWeb®, Tuffy Auto Service Centre Chicago saw a significant surge in new customers calling and driving into the shop, increasing the invoice count by 10% ‐ 15% per month. After starting with the entry-level budget recommendation, Loren increased the Google Ads budget by doubling it and experienced immediate positive results. Business increased between 10% ‐ 17% month vs. month in 2017 and the ticket average also rose by 13% due to our focus on higher margin jobs. With yet another increase in Google Ads budget by 50% at the beginning of 2018, the revenue continued to see strong growth of over 20% vs. 2017 in the first fiscal half. Loren has stated he "couldn't be happier with the program." Since he is now at capacity, Loren will add more to the budget through the geo-fencing metrics we deploy with our display and remarketing campaign when he hires another technician or two!

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