Ad Changes:
Google has once again decided on creating a new layout for advertisers and companies trying to compete online. While there were many companies starting to advertise on a daily basis this means that the amount of spots, bids and reach towards customers are more intense. This change means that the right side of ads are now removed and the limit went from about 9 to 7. While there are less spaces now for the ads this means that it is becoming harder to reach organic ads on Google search. It starts to become hard to reach organic due to the fact that the paid ads will now be larger in size showing more of the ad extensions that companies and advertisers place into the account.

Why The Change?
Google has a lot of testing done each and every day when it comes to the paid search vs. organic results. Google has stated many times before that the top 3 positions are the ones that have higher click through rates, better conversions & more reach. Through lots of testing they have determined that the most important part of searching online is to find the proper products that you are looking for. This means that the results on search terms are going to be more tailored with companies that are providing high level services & ready to serve customers.

New Paid Advertising Shifts:
Google’s paid advertising is in the process of making sure that companies who offer great user experiences should be rewarded with better positioning, cheaper bid cpc’s and more of a preference online. These new shifts are not new but Google has recognized the way people are searching online and want to make sure that ads are being created at a high level. This however brings up more of a problem for some industries that currently pay a lot per click to show up as the price might increase further.

Better Returns For All:
With less ads covering a small space on the search network this means that the way a customers eye will go is down instead of down or to the right. For advertisers who are creating ads that convert this will only benefit them even further as searches become more redefined. With more of a linear approach, Google has seen that the right side of ads where not helping companies a great deal, with smaller ads, less options for extensions to show and overall too cluttered. With the new linear model this means that almost all the time advertisers will see more than 1 ad extension present since there is more space, making the ads larger in size and more appealing to users.

A Good Move?
Only time will tell whether or not this was a move that will benefit Google. While they have shown statistics about better conversion rates and higher value it also means that companies will be paying more per click. If however the conversions are better quality and more readily available this means that for the extra cost of marketing online, the return will be brought forth easily.

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