Urban Beard

UrbanBeard.ca is an online store selling a range of distinct and speciality beard products. They search far and wide for top quality ingredients and bring premium beard care products within a "click" of their customers. The importance of good beard care cannot be stressed enough. It should not be limited to just a shower.


As a small business, Urban Beard struggled to allocate enough time to properly manage their self-run Google AdWords campaign, and therefore relied mainly on their door-to-door B2B sales strategy. The lack of marketing experience, resources, and manpower were the main barriers to growth.


Urban Beard was looking into a marketing solution to grow their online sales with a very limited budget. They wanted a platform to grow the brand in hopes of obtaining distribution and growing their client base but were unsure of how to go about achieving this and tackling both objectives of utilizing one line of communication through a single contact and company.


Since teaming up with BreezeMaxWeb, Urban Beard has experienced tremendous improvements to their business including increased CTR and reduced CPC via Google AdWords. BreezeMaxWeb also freed up more time for the owner to integrate manufacturing and build distribution channels. BreezeMaxWeb positioned Urban Beard on key market leader websites and targeted prospects demographically to drive significantly more traffic that was relevant to Urban Beard’s online webstore resulting in more sales.

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