A Case for Efficiency: User Acceptance Testing


High-performing business owners, clients, employees and subcontractors can see the flow of their projects slow considerably, despite their best efforts, while working on Web & App Development projects.

This is due to one subtle yet impactful culprit—poorly defined testing criteria. Research has shown that high-performing teams with clearly defined UAT testing criteria spend 22% less time correcting errors within their websites and mobile applications, etc.

Before launching a brand-new piece of content or a web application, it is essential for the business and all involved parties to test the user experience as if they were the target audience. All digital assets must undergo rigorous testing from a customer-facing perspective in order to meet their expectations when it comes time to launch the project.

UAT has nothing to do with designs, layouts, or spelling errors. The technical aspects of your web application when it comes to efficiency and seamless integration across multiple platforms and the associated automations. It is an absolutely critical aspect of the launch process that can save significant amounts of time and money.

Without appropriate systemization of this process, valuable time is lost when it comes to the launch of the web application. In addition, future errors and fixes will become necessary after these shortcomings are discovered by the end users. Not only can these errors hinder your brand’s overall perception by the intended market/audience, but valuable time and money is spent doubling back and repairing issues that would have otherwise been internally documented and rectified prior to launch.

To proactively manage this sort of challenge, it’s best to have a strategy in place for UAT. This includes:

- A clearly defined process & requirements
- Dedicated testing phases prior to launch
- Comprehensive testing strategy
- Identify and resolve bugs
- Utilize the correct tools for bug tracking

In the end, everyone in the Web & Application Development realm are focused on the end result of providing a positive experience for their clients and end users. UAT is an integral part of the process before launching any website or mobile application, and will ensure the highest-quality product for your end users. For an in-depth, comprehensive look at User Acceptance Testing and exactly how to execute it, check out the DesignRush guide below:

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