Online Video Advertising

How to promote your YouTube® video

Video ads are the most cost-effective way to reach your target audience! All at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional cable television stations. Video advertising online allows more flexibility because it is targeted based on geography keywords or demographics. This can increase your youtube® advertising options as you can have different types of ads target different people. BreezeTube™ is also capable of targeting mobile video advertising, to expand your customer base on those using their mobile phones. Only pay when you receive qualified views for your video – Clicks to your website are absolutely free! Thousands and thousands of partial views provide in video advertising and unbeatable branding all at no cost to you!

BreezeTube® Video Advertising Benefits

  • Professional video production team which will work with you to create an unbeatable youtube® marketing strategy at wholesale cost
  • Team of YouTube® certified technicians will develop a comprehensive campaign
  • Media Consultants will provide you with the on-going support and advice you need
  • Our platform is the most transparent in Canada – Direct billing & reports set up to your schedule

Video Advertising Testimonial

Youtube® video marketing is fantastic for a small business like ours, we just don’t feel the money is well spent on other forms of video advertising due to the fact they are not targeted to the specifics like BreezeMaxWeb®’s YouTube® platform. We set aside a small budget for YouTube® video advertising and now our video shows before other videos users want to watch, which in turn is giving us the ultimate edge & branding in front of our exact audience.

Rob Singh

General Manager, In & out Car Wash