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Our Video Marketing Services

Having your video campaign go viral on social media platforms has never been easier. Our video marketing agency is geared towards exposing your brand to the world. Need video promotion? Video marketing tips? Or overall video marketing services? At BreezeMaxWeb we provide you with BreezeViral™ – your social media video marketing campaign that gets your business real views! With BreezeViral™ your video can be strategically placed on social media networks, such as Facebook® and Instagram®. Video promotion is at its peak, a great deal of businesses use video advertising to promote their products and services. BreezeMaxWeb will help your video advocacy go viral! Our online video marketing services ensures your business gets the exposure it deserves – we turn your viewers into real customers! Why waste money with traditional print advertising when you can strategically target your audience with video ads. BreezeMaxWeb’s viral ad campaigns are tailored for all devices, allowing your viewers to watch it anywhere and at anytime! We offer the best online viral marketing campaigns that your business needs. It is truly the ultimate Video Promotion Service that will propel your social media video options. With brand awareness being a key factor to promote businesses, video campaigns are a significant method to advertise. The use of social media platforms are important in today’s market, it allows viewers to share your videos to people from all over the world! With the amount of consumers using social media everyday, your videos are easily accessible to any audience. BreezeViral™ is a strategic product that utilizes key market segments and demographics earning you more views, your audience then later becomes customers! BreezeViral™’s performance based system allows you to pay for real views and is a significant source of driving traffic to your website for pennies on the dollar. BreezeViral™ is cost effective and cost efficient allowing your business to save more money.

Video Campaign Benefits

  • Targeted video advertisement placement on Facebook® and Instagram®
  • Video Campaigns tailored for all devices
  • Stratetgic penetration utilizing key market segments and demographics
  • Performance based program giving you no ad waste

Check out these videos we made with over 400,000 views combined!


Advertising my video on Facebook® and Instagram® has been a huge factor in getting our brand awareness out in the market. We found BreezeViral™’s approach to be cost effective and affordable for a business like ours. We get comments all the time about how they saw our video on Facebook® and Instagram®. They are the two big websites that we are seeing attraction from

Joe Barone

Manager, West York Paving