Delighted to see some concrete stats and the transparency we receive from BreezeTag. It's nice to have access to our Google Analytics anytime we want.  

Sarah Dougall
Owner, Made You Look


If you are not tracking where your customers come from you will never know if your advertising is working. BreezeMaxWeb® uses Google® Analytics and Google® Tag Manager to equip your site with comprehensive tracking, we can track many different types of metrics from number of visits to bounce rate, time spent on page and much more. BreezeTag™ is embedded into your site to closely track which buttons on your site are being clicked on and which are not being used so that you can closely monitor exactly how your customers are interacting with your site. With BreezeMaxWeb® most advertising packages include BreezeTag™ as a standard feature so that our clients can see exactly how their advertising is working for them. Transparency is a top priority for us and we are always developing new methods to track your campaigns better than any other marketing agency. Please contact us today and have a local Media Consultant get in touch with you so they can show you how to mould your online tracking to increase conversions and ROI with BreezeTag™.

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