Websites That Convert


Your Business:
Every company is different related to what they provide customers. While some may be similar those who offer, some differentiation is given a competitive edge. In the end your company must know how to properly and effectively advertise while bringing in new customers. There are many different channels that companies can take in order to bring new clients but it is the abundance of information available that business must fight through. With the growth of Social Media and other channel forms companies have more competition. Information is everywhere and customers often times tune out. This is because on a daily basis they see hundreds of articles, stories ads and promotions.

Your Website:
It is accessible all the time from current and potential customers. Whether through just your site or connected with Social Media accounts it is a place for your company to be seen. You must put a lot of effort into providing abundance of information, ways to get in contact and any contact info. Since your website is working on your behalf around the clock it can be seen anywhere at any time. At home, offices, coffee shops, restaurants and much more. Access to your website means that conversions are important, whether a phone call or email message. Your company must place a lot more emphasis on good call to actions for conversions as opposed to just getting people onto your website. In order to achieve it, you must follow all effective website design principles that would increase your chances of being contacted.

Being Trusted:
When it comes to your website, just creating one is the first step towards success. It is important to show visitors that you are a trustworthy company and have done work for real clients. Whether this is from testimonials with facts to back them up, job photos or links to clients, mainly companies, that you are helped. With the growth of the internet there are many scams on websites and people, especially if a credit card is needed, are very cautious. Another great option for your website is to secure the domain with a https:// beginning vs. http://. The “s” added extra security and tells visitors it is a secure network.

Long Term Saving:
Your website is a cheaper way to get your message across. Granted it must be placed in front of the right audience but it is a lot cheaper sometimes than traditional methods of advertising. Since it is up all the time it is important to make sure that the site is up to date all the time. If your website is down for a couple days, it could mean lost business. Spending the money, investing, into your website will help in the long run as your company must be online constantly. The end goal is to beat out your competition and in order to do so, your companies name must be put out there. This means creating a website that will convert, promoting the website through Social Media platforms and other online marketing channels. A website that has money invested into it, time is spent on perfecting it, this means it will bring in more customers than not.

Mobile Websites:
Your website is vital and with the shift more towards mobile devices, it is important for it to be responsive, work across multiple platforms and devices and follow an effective mobile marketing strategy. Search engines are starting to rank mobile websites higher over those that are not yet optimized for such. Make sure that yours is up to date with the latest trends and keep it mobile friendly as mobile searches are overtaking desktop.

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