What Should be Included in an SEO Report?


As every client or business has a different goal in mind, creating a proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) report is a necessary task. To ensure that you’re creating the best SEO report you possibly can, here are six essential things that should be included with every report.

Web Traffic:

Whatever you’re client’s key goal is for optimizing their website, it should be placed at the top of an SEO report. If that goal is to increase organic traffic, for example, then that’s where you should start. Pay special attention to the Source/Medium traffic report section, as that will provide a clear picture of where the traffic is originating from. Your client will be able to spend their money on the best option that will give them the highest results.

Conversion Rates:

You won’t get far in optimizing your traffic goals, however, if they aren’t doing what you need it to do, which is to convert. This section should also be near the beginning of an SEO report, as knowing the conversion rates will help you to better understand how your initial goals are tracking with site visitors.

Page Level Traffic:

By this point in the report, you probably understand where your visitors are coming from, but it’s just as important to know where they go within your website. Page-level traffic will tell help you to find trends and navigate where people are clicking, determining where your traffic is coming from. Once again, this gives the client a better idea of where to spend their money and time when improving their website.

Page Speed Insights:

Not only will Page Speed Insights show your clients their page speeds, but the free tool will also show them what needs to be fixed for better results. SEO success requires top user experience, or visitors won’t bother staying on your website.

Bounce Rate:

For the average company, time on the website and bounce rate reports might not be necessary, even though it gives you insight into which content is drawing people in and what’s making them leave your website. However, taking a look at how long visitors stay on your website will determine whether or not some serious changes need to be made, especially if they’re spending an average of 10 to 20 seconds on the first page before leaving.


Ranking data shouldn’t be seen as the be-all-end-all within an SEO report. Instead, keyword tracking positions should be a part of the overall performance of the report, as those results are passed on to various factors that include personalization, history and where the site visitor is coming from.

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things to include in seo report

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