Marek Kasparen
Marketing Director, Above Mapping


Struggling to keep track of your website visitors or secure new leads? Finding it difficult to grow your website traffic? We understand. On average, 98% of website visitors are known to drop out midway and disappear. But it helps for you to know exactly who they are and devise strategies to lure them back. Studies say that visitors to your website are more likely to purchase your services and close the deal than consumers who are unaware of you. Contact these valuable visitors before your competitors do.

You can identify exactly who they are, pull out all the important user data such as name, company name, position, contact details, how they found you and what their specific interests are so you can convert them into new leads with customized strategies.

BreezeWho doesn't require any special website codes so you don’t need to rely on any support team from IT. All you need is Google Analytics to identify the companies who are visiting your site. It is easy to set up, track and work with. Just call BreezeMaxWeb to help you with it.

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