Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce event 'Chamber 101'


On November 21st, 2018, Chris Meunier (Director of Performance) and Lindon Atten (TDMA) attended the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce event 'Chamber 101'. Roughly 30 local businesses were in attendance. Overall, the event was an opportunity for local businesses to meet and network. Chris and Lindon spoke about the numerous strategies they employ in the larger and more advanced markets BreezeMaxWeb serves.

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1873 and now have over 2,000 company memberships. These local Winnipeg businesses use The Chamber to help gain leads and referrals by promoting their business during networking events, like Chamber 101. The Chamber also helps local companies by being the Voice of Business in Winnipeg for any issues that may be present in the business community.

BreezeMaxWeb has been represented in many of these Chamber of Commerce meetings in cities across Canada. Our main goal as a company is to help local business have a better digital presence to attract more people to them. We offer many customized SEO and AdWord campaigns that help various businesses in all types of industries.

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