Your Online Search Is Getting More immersive


Search Engines:
While there are a handful of search engines available Google is the one that dominates online. Most companies try what they can to get on the first page organically. This means that web pages on your companies website, based on specific keywords, will help boost your visibility. In today’s online market with more competition it is important to try and differentiate. This means a lot of work needs to go into making a better user experience both on search engines and websites. Google has long fought to make sure only the most relevant websites are shown on the search results for users. They want to provide all the information to the question, statement or query online.

Auto Play Videos:
We have seen with other platforms such as Facebook where video posts automatically play when they are scrolled over. Google is testing a way to add this without making it “annoying” for online users. The auto play videos will be integrated directly into the search results that appear. This concept is interesting as it will try to capture more users toward videos, which seems to be the new trend companies are jumping on board. These auto play searches right now might only be geared towards movies and TV show information but there is a possibility that it become more mainstream across all genres. It is noted that the auto play will focus on Desktop users only.

No More Google “Instant Search”:
Instant loading search results based on the words being typed on Google will no longer be available as Google halts it’s “Instant Search” feature. This feature was designed to make Google more user friendly and focused on the experience of searching on desktop computers. Since desktop users have been overtaken by mobile, Google is trying to make the experience more fluid. When on mobile the users screens are often smaller in size and the keyboard often covers the search results creating a bad user experience. Google has realized this and decided it is best to remove this feature. Instead they have a focus on making the search engine even faster and more fluid for users on a daily basis. This means faster load times for search queries, better populated results showing up and much more.

Better Experiences Online:
Search engines are used every single day on tablets, mobile phones and desktop computer/laptops. Anything can be found online and Google knows the right people need to find the proper websites. Google is always testing new things whether on the search engine itself, on their advertising platforms or website development. They know what users want and try to bring it to life online. Google believes that with better user experiences business will succeed online easier and it allows these users to find the right company for them, product or service.

Getting Found Online:
There is no easier way to be found online then with Google AdWords. AdWords is a platform that allows companies to show their website on the first page of Google. This form of advertising works well as your budget can be controlled, phrases to show up for are chosen and ads can be altered based on results. AdWords is an advertising platform that will only keep growing in popularity and something that Google will continue to adjust to help companies and advertisers.

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