It’s a Fact:
Conversions Increase With BreezeTact

Mobile Conversion Tactics:

BreezeTact is designed to optimize your business’ mobile site for maximum customer conversions. Customers can connect with your business more easily through the use of three helpful buttons that BreezeTact adds to the bottom of the screen on any mobile device. When tapped, the first button instantly dials the phone number of your business for easy contact between yourself and potential customers. The second button allows a potential customer to easily contact your business via email. The third and final button is optional and can be customized to the individual needs of your business. The options are tailored and include features such as helping the user to easily locate your business on a map and provide directions to it, or allowing the user to book an appointment directly online and many more options that are geared towards conversions for your business!

BreezeTact is an extremely useful tool for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), making it easier for visitors to your business’ mobile site to contact you in an effective way! This helps to turn them into real customers!!! Online transactions are more popular than ever today, and BreezeTact can help your business do more to boost its online sales and bottom line.

How much does BreezeTact cost?

BreezeTact comes in two different plans, our basic plan is free and provides you with a limited version of the plugin. To use BreezeTact to its full potential you can get the premium version for just $19.99, BreezeTact Premium is included free for all of our BreezeQuest clients. Your website will need to be powered by WordPress in order to use BreezeTact.

What is BreezeTact’s installation process?

BreezeTact is easy to install, simply navigate to your WordPress dashboard and go to the Plugins tab on the left sidebar. From here you can upload the BreezeTact zip file. After uploading the plugin you can change the settings from the Conversation options on the left side.

Does BreezeTact come with support?

BreezeTact Premium comes with 1 month of support, after 1 month you can optionally extend the support. The basic version of BreezeTact doesn’t come with support but you can look through our website for further documentation and instructions.

Does BreezeTact work with websites that are not on WordPress?

BreezeTact does not work with websites that are not run on the WordPress platform. If you would like to see BreezeTact on another website platform feel free to fill out our contact form and we will consider building it if there is enough demand. Our team can also build out a custom version of BreezeTact specifically for your website, please speak to our live chat operator to get a custom quote!

Can you install BreezeTact for me?

We are always happy to help assist you with installing BreezeTact, if you have BreezeTact Premium or BreezeQuest contact us through our support form and we will be happy to assist you with installing BreezeTact! Unfortunately we will not be able to help you install the basic version of BreezeTact.

BreezeTact Includes:

  • Split Testing – Customize the colour of each of the three buttons and see what works better. Colour customization allows for you to choose colours that stand out more, or colours that identify more with your business.
  • Complete Customization – Take customization further with the ability to remove one or more buttons should you feel and see that they aren’t garnering your website as many clicks as you’d like.
  • Click Tracking – Keep track of how many clicks each button is receiving, making it easier to determine if your specific customizations are having a positive or negative effect.

Mobile Conversions Testimonial

We noticed a lot more activity and call coming from our website. When we checked our website we were pleasantly surprised to see our web agency BreezeMaxWeb had take the liberty to make our mobilesite more conversion friendly for our business and easier for our website users to contact us. We’re very happy BreezeMaxWeb took the initiative to enhance our website presence and help our bottom line.

Lovena Galyide

Owner, Indigo Age