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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine optimization is the technique of increasing internet visibility for websites on search engines. The sole purpose of this is to drive relevant traffic towards a companies’ website and therefore increase sales. SEO is dynamic and has never been static due to updates created by search engine owners like Google or Bing. Due to this dynamic attribute, SEO strategies are constantly evolving and becoming more intricate. As of June 2016, there are over 3.6 Billion people using the internet with over 89% of people in North America using the internet actively. Google search volume in 2012 was 1.2 Trillion searches over the span of that year. With over 140 million searches a day or 40,000 searches per SECOND, that makes for quite a numerous amount of potential keyword allocation combinations. Since 2012, google hasn’t released supported data on their query searches and therefore any claims by outside companies on Google’s current total search volume cannot be substantiated. However, that does not take away from the fact that there has been impressive growth in Google searches being conducted and that that figure of 1.2 Trillion searches has not grown substantially. With all these searches, it is impossible to imagine that there are still businesses not trying to either utilize AdWords services to rank on the 1st page albeit paid, or companies pursuing their own SEO strategy.

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On-Page SEO

On site SEO has a lot to do with the content writing and making sure it is geared towards the relevant keywords wishing to be targeted. Yet, there are other attributes associated with on-site which include: Page Optimization: Ensuring that the webpage is not deemed not optimized by Google (Page loading time, JavaScript rendering, CSS caching) usually have a part to play in Google’s page insights determination. Coding structure and mobile responsiveness also play a part as desktop websites are being switched out for more mobile-friendly ones.

Off-Page SEO

Links are extremely important for any SEO campaign but, due to the constant changes by Google, it has become harder and harder to use back-link techniques used before previous updates. Actually, having those old backlinks which are deemed “black-hat” can sometimes result in a penalty being served out by Google and your page may not rank at all. Professional links is what Google looks for that are not only relevant but have strong page and domain authority. The stronger those authorities are, the stronger your back-link is and the higher you will rank in the Organic search.

What is Content writing?

Every content writer, blog poster, journalist or university student that writes a paper knows that writing content for a specific topic can be painstaking and time consuming but, can be extremely necessary as it adds substance to ones’ writing. With regards to SEO, content writing is the foundation for every Google search query. Google’s patented complex crawlers will use the content on a webpage for the initial assessment on the topic your page should rank for. Other attributes such as off and on page optimization will help Google crawlers determine for what position you rank. The more relevant, larger and better quality the writing is, the higher potential the article has to rank. This reason is why SEO companies hire individuals purely for content writing, as it has to be clear, concise, in-depth and relevant to companies’ business model to rank properly.

Our Professional SEO Services

BreezeMaxWeb SEO analytics team has a proven track-record of successful first page rankings with relevant high search volume keywords. Many companies may offer a multitude of keywords that may seem like they have high search traffic but may end up giving you nothing. This does not happen at BreezeMaxWeb; we promise that we will try to rank you for those keywords that matter to you but also will increase traffic to your website. Just like all of our products, a clear and concise report of our findings, activities and progress will be provided to YOU the client on a monthly basis. Our Professional SEO Services is also paired very well with Google analytics as we can set ethical, transparent conversion goals for your company. Read more below about SEO and our Products.