BreezeMaxWeb Wins 'Race To Google: Best of the Bay'


The year 2017 is starting with a bang! BreezeMaxWeb has recently won the 'Race To Google: Best of the Bay' Contest. This is an exciting opportunity for one of our lucky employee, as it is an all-inclusive package for a trip to San Francisco. This 4-day trip includes a tour at the Google Headquarters, Disney Institute Leadership training, Golden State Warriors basketball game, 3-star Michelin restaurant dining and many more!

The winner of this trip is one of our Media Consultant Alex B. He will be leaving in April visiting the following main attractions provided by Google. BreezeMaxWeb was awarded with this trip due to new client acquisition for 2016. It is important to embrace the right methodologies and tactics in order to deliver compelling services to new clients. BreezeMaxWeb will continue to provide effective pitches in order to serve clients the right information they need to be successful.

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