Writing SEO Content in 2020


Search engine optimized content is content that is made with the aim of attracting traffic to a website. Writing SEO content is a great way to optimize your website and attract more clients to your online storefront.

Google is constantly changing their algorithm for two reasons: 1. To stay ahead of those trying to scam their way at the top of search results. 2. To integrate technological advances. An example of this is how mobile devices change the way consumers search the web. Because almost everyone has a smartphone now, if your website is not mobile optimized, then you cannot effectively reach your target audience.

How Do You Write SEO Content in 2020?
Write For Local Search (If It’s Relevant To Your Business)
Most people don’t know that the majority of mobile Google searches are based on location. For example, when someone is looking for spa services, they are not looking for spas that are millions of miles away from them. They are looking for highly ranked spas that are easily accessible to them, which makes local search so important.

How to Write Local SEO Content
Conduct a Keyword Search.

When most people search for something on Google, they include the name of the town/city they are in or a postal code. When writing your local SEO content, make sure you include your city’s name, the largest city closest to it, and even a postal code in your copy to ensure that you are ranking for local searches. .

Landing Pages Full of Content .

If you are writing content optimized for your local audience, it is a good idea to have a landing page full of content that is optimized with keyphrases based on your area. With multiple optimized pages, Google will put you at the top of search results.

Website Content Should Be Easy To Read
Don’t use complicated verbiage that may alter the message and hinder the reader from not continuing reading the material. The context and the message should be clear. Stay away from making and trying to explain complex theories, as that may be the reason that readers exit out of your website and find someone else with content that is easier to digest.

If you are trying to optimize your content, including images to your content is a crucial component. Visuals give the reader a break from all the textual information, and breaks up the content in a visually pleasing way. When people don’t feel as though they are bombarded with information, they are more likely to continue reading.

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