AdWords: Extensions


Advertising Online:
While there are many ways for companies to get found online, nothing happens quickly like using Google AdWords. This form of online marketing lets your company set daily budgets, control keywords to show up for, adjust for better positioning and adjust ad copy. This is one of the most efficient forms of advertising as all costs can be controlled and statistics of every kind are available within the platform. Over the last few years Google has made lots of changes to the ads in an effort to help companies become more visible and increase the return on advertising. In the past advertisers would work hard to get their ads on the top of page 1, but there was not usually a lot of size difference. Today we see less ads but larger ones on each page. This is Google’s way of trying to help companies make their ads pop out.

Larger Extensions:
Google constantly updates the way ads look along with how they run on the search engine. Google knows that there is a shift towards mobile searches over desktop. With this knowledge they will be rolling out interactive Mobile Sitelinks. With this Callouts and Structured Snippets are also getting larger to help ads look even larger. The interactive Sitelinks will help advertisers try and capture more attention from users. The interactive Sitelinks will allow users to swipe to see other links that are directed to specific landing pages on the website. This helps users to make the best decision on which ad to choose, or which website to visit. The goal has always been the same for Google, make sure that the user has a great experience both when searching online and visiting a website. With this they reward those who have great websites and well put together ads, while lowering ranking for those who do not.

Callouts & Snippets:
As ads get larger, the chances that a user will spend more time before clicking increases. By making the ads larger this means that every company advertising must make sure all the space is used to its full potential. The full potential is utilizing all the extensions and ad copy space that is allocated. By doing such your company can make sure more leads come in as users are clicking on the ad. Make sure that nothing is repeated as when the ad shows, if both snippets and callouts appear as well then the space would be wasted. It is important to make sure that anything that helps your company stand out is placed in the ads.

Capturing More Leads:
In order to make sure more clicks to the website happens it is important to understand your potential clients. Especially on mobile devices, users are quick to make decisions and move to another website. The goal is to have a user stop at your ad, be interested, click to the website and convert. Through Google AdWords and adding more ad extensions the chances of your company’s ads to receive a high return on investment increases. Making sure that everything is set up properly is the most important part of a campaign. From the initial set up to the website landing page, everything must portray the same message. Start online with Google AdWords and see the large return from paid advertising and a optimized account.

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