BreezeMaxWeb Attends Google's Mobile Sites Hackathon


On September 19, 2017, the web developers and SEO analysts at BreezeMaxWeb arrived at Google Headquarters in downtown Toronto to attend Google's Mobile Sites Hackathon, which is the first mobile performance hackathon in Canada. Mobile use has now outranked computer use for the first time in recent years, and with that development, emphasis has been placed upon improving the speed of mobile sites for better usability.

BreezeMaxWeb sat alongside other premium Google partners and startup companies and were taught to implement the practices and tactics that can go towards improving the speed and performance of mobile sites. BreezeMaxWeb understands that in order to stay on top of the growing digital marketing trends, they must hone their digital marketing skills across all interfaces. After being given tips by Google experts, the web developers and SEO analysts tested their newfound knowledge by fixing the mobile speed on two chosen client websites. BreezeMaxWeb is thankful to have been a part of this exclusive hackathon and are eager to cater to their clients with their newfound knowledge on mobile site speed and performance.

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