Breezemaxweb Collaborates With Industry Leaders at the Advanced Search Summit


BreezeMaxWeb is always looking for ways to advance our knowledge and techniques when it comes to the continually evolving algorithm that Google uses to rank websites. To ensure that our clients are getting the best results, we have to do our due diligence to stay on top of the best Search Engine Optimization strategies.

Vishal Nanchahal, Chief Operating Officer, and Armen Faridani, Chief Marketing Officer, attended the Advanced Search Summit in Washington, DC, on September 19th; a two-day summit where digital marketing professionals gain insight on new and trusted digital marketing trends.

Vishal and Armen networked and collaborated with many digital marketers and entrepreneurs from around the world to figure out the best practices to use when it comes to analyzing Google’s algorithm. They attended insightful seminars and listened to guest speakers that are experts in various aspects of digital marketing, including AdWords, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and more.

The entire team at BreezeMaxWeb is excited to hear about what Vishal and Armen learned at the Advanced Search Summit. We can’t wait to implement new and creative strategies to help our clients continue to get the competitive edge!

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