BreezeMaxWeb & Google's Last Digital Event of 2016 Takes Place in Richmond Hill!


The final Digital Event hosted by BreezeMaxWeb and Google has ended with a bang this year! On Tuesday, November 22, 2016, the final Digital Breakfast of the year took place in Richmond Hill at the Marlowe Wine & Bar restaurant. Many attendees showed up at the crack of dawn with enthusiasm.

Our speakers, Google's Strategic Partner Manager, Jamie Dagostino and BreezeMaxWeb's President & CEO, Andrew Faridani presented various topics about Online Advertising, specifically Google Advertising and Mobile Advertising.

With 13 Digital Events taking place throughout Canada, BreezeMaxWeb and Google hosted these Digital Events to many metropolitan cities, expanding to different locations each month. BreezeMaxWeb is fortunate to host these successful events to educate individual business owners to succeed in their respective industry.

"The turn out to these event has been extremely extraordinary! Owners who registered for these events are here to learn and develop their business. BreezeMaxWeb and Google has done an amazing job educating SMB's throughout Canada." - Lorene Hatelt, BreezeMaxWeb Media Consultant.

BreezeMaxWeb would like to thank everyone who attended the following Digital Events this year, from Mississauga, Vancouver, North Bay, Durham, Calgary, Kitchener, Edmonton, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg and Richmond Hill. Everyone who attended the Digital Events came with excitement and was ready to network with other businesses. We are happy to meet every single one of you and we are extremely grateful for the time well spent networking and learning about individual businesses.

Missed our local Digital Events this year? The New Year is up and coming, BreezeMaxWeb and Google have great events store up for 2017. Check our Local Digital Events to see which cities we're hosting next!

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