BreezeMaxWeb "Solves for Happy" with Mo Gawdat


While attending the SEAL Mastery Series 2017 in Chicago recently, members of BreezeMaxWeb's Chicago team were treated with a speech from Mo Gawdat, the Chief Business Officer of Google X. Mr. Gawdat's speech stood out as one of the highlights of the event, as it was both moving and inspiring. In his speech, Mr. Gawdat talked about his new book, Solve for Happy.

Solve for Happy is Mr. Gawdat's very own guide to reaching your optimal happiness using his very own happiness algorithm. It's a way of looking at happiness as an engineer and essentially solving your own happiness equation one step at a time. He was inspired to write the book after the tragic death of his 21 year old son, and today makes it his mission to make the world a happier place. In today's business landscape, many people are dissatisfied and generally unhappy with where they are in life. Solve for Happy aims to tackle this problem and help more and more people both in and outside of the business world feel happier and motivated to start living a better life.

After the speech, members of BreezeMaxWeb's Chicago team had the privilege of meeting Mr. Gawdat and hearing more of his story. Some were moved to tears as he told more about his son and how much inspiration he takes from him every day of his life. Mr. Gawdat is a true inspiration to BreezeMaxWeb and we are honoured to have had some time with him in Chicago.

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