BreezeMaxWeb is on its way to becoming a Google Champion


BreezeMaxWeb has been invited to America's Next Top AdWords Champions event at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California on November 6 and 7 of 2017. This invite-only two day event will be attended by a select team from BreezeMaxWeb and it is an exclusive experience that will allow them to learn about new AdWords practices and optimization techniques. Aside from the lessons, Google sales and product specialists will be holding sessions on analyzing the latest Google products and features, and on taking a consultative approach to pitching Google solutions as well as implementing personal development skills in the digital marketing field.

BreezeMaxWeb aims to keep their premiere partnership with Google strong by employing the knowledge and products from this event and more. Their continuing partnership with Google allows them to stay on top of the upcoming trends in digital marketing and to further help any clients that they serve. BreezeMaxWeb is thankful and privileged to have been invited to this exclusive event and are looking forward to learning more about the latest technological trends that Google will provide.

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