Google Partner Summit San Francisco 2016


Google had their annual Google Partner Summit in San Francisco, California and the powerful search engine exclusively invited their top marketing partners to attend the event. BreezeMaxWeb had the amazing opportunity to attend the summit and our President & CEO Andrew Faridani, along with Vice President of Operations Armen Faridani and Vice President of Sales, Vishal Nanchahal attended the event to represent BreezeMaxWeb.

Every year, Google invite their partners to network and connect with not only Google itself, but also to unite the top marketing agencies that are in the partners program. Many groundbreaking activities took place during the event from networking to pitching ideas - it ultimately came down to training. It is no surprise that mobile is changing consumer interactivity online. The landscape of mobile advertising has grown over the past year, many consumers use their mobile devices to search and purchase for products. Google provided new proxies and tactics on mobile optimization and advertising. The training enabled digital marketing companies to learn new opportunities and techniques to provide better marketing services to serve clients.

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