Grow Your Company through Good Online Reputation Management with BreezeReview


Customer reviews have the power to drive your business forward faster than your own brand endorsement campaigns, simply because their word has more weight than your own. Authentic positive reviews lend strong credibility to your products and services.

95% of purchasing decisions are influenced by reviews on Google My Business (GMB). 72% trust positive reviews. 92% of consumers make a product or service choice based on 4 or 5-star rating. At the same time, a single negative review can pull your company reputation down in no time. In a world driven by social media, negative reviews can gather momentum and go viral in minutes. Trolls make matters worse. It can take weeks, months, even years to get damaged company reputation back on track. 86% of consumers hesitate to trust a company that has negative reviews online and send them running to your competitors. So what do you do?

Here’s the good news! BreezeMaxWeb now brings you a simple, innovative, automated tool that filters out negative comments and leaves only the positive ones on your GMB for potential customers to view with BreezeReview.

BreezeReview encourages your customers to leave their valuable feedback on your GMB right after a purchase. Users who give 4 to 5-star ratings are directed to your GMB page to leave their reasons behind their appreciation. Lower ratings are sent straight to your private dashboard, away from the public eye, so you can address their concerns personally and help turn things around, both for your customers and the company.

How BreezeReview Helps Your Customers:
As soon as your customers make a purchase, BreezeReview kicks into action. It instantly sends a link on their phone through a text message or email, inviting them to rate the service with just a tap on any of the 5 blank stars. Ratings carrying 4 to 5 stars fly to your GMB where consumers can leave positive feedback. Less than 4 star ratings are directed to your private dashboard where the customer can voice their concerns for you to review and address personally. BreezeReview is simple to use, and designed to make your company appear hi-tech, caring and customer-oriented, giving you an edge over your competitors.

How BreezeReview Helps Your Company:
BreezeReview gives you more control over customer reputation management. It allows you to use both negative and positive reviews to your advantage. Good reviews help you drive traffic and conversions. Negative feedback helps you identify your weaknesses and correct them. The dashboard data carrying contact details of your dissatisfied consumers allows you to address complaints and concerns away from the public eye. It lets you review all feedback, negative and positive on your dashboard, and leverage the data analytics for a more strategic marketing approach in the future. As your marketing strategies are strengthened and GMB reviews gain weight, your business enjoys a boost with integrity and insight.

How to Address Negative Reviews:
At BreezeMaxWeb, we understand the value of company reviews, both good and bad. Customer concerns deserve as much appreciation and attention as compliments since they have the potential to fuel business growth by encouraging you to improve your products and services. When dissatisfied customers are appeased in a respectful tone and manner, they have the potential to turn into strong brand advocates in the future. Here’s how you can deal with negative reviews effectively:

Respond and resolve matters at the earliest. Be kind and understanding in your approach. Thank the customer for bringing their concerns to your notice. Apologize, admit your mistakes and offer to correct your service instantly. Be personalized and humanized in your approach; not impersonal or corporate. Direct the conversation to an offline platform such as a phone call. Offer a refund, discount or free product replacement so that the consumer has reason to calm down and revisit your store.

BreezeReview: Simple, User-Friendly, Affordable:
BreezeReview is designed to be simple and user-friendly to make it a breeze for your customers to leave a review, and your company to navigate the site. Don’t hesitate to call us for further queries.

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