Introducing BreezeTask: The New and Improved Gateway For Your Customers


Welcome to the Information Age. BreezeMaxWeb has been proudly serving our clients with a wide range of products and services that have helped them reach their customer base easier and more effectively than they could before. We are looking for ways to improve, and we are excited to unveil our latest evolution in client information services and superior user experience.

BreezeTask is the first fully-customizable information toolbar on the market, integrating all the tools you’ve come to know and love—and some you haven’t ;-) —into one sleek and compact design. This innovative tool collapses to the bottom corner of your desktop or mobile webpage as a user scrolls through your website to offer all of your customer resources in a convenient, easy-to-access location while allowing your web content to take centre stage.

With a single touch, your customer has a wealth of information and tools at their disposal. The human attention span has gotten shorter than before, and you need a solution to grab their attention quickly and effectively. Save time and money, replacing the need for a client-facing employee with the latest business automation technology.

Your toolbar is fully trackable, allowing you to see where your customers are coming from and where they are clicking; data mining has not been simpler! Tailor your promotions to the things your customers really want and get ahead of the curve with real-time coupon delivery straight to a smartphone! Give customers the ability to call your business or speak with a live chat operator, book an appointment and get directions to your shop, plus so much more.

Our innovations don’t stop coming! We’re looking for new and better ways to make you and your customers’ lives easier and better. Look out for more exciting new features coming soon!

Talk to our digital experts and upgrade your customer experience and website today with the superior and fast BreezeTask.


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