SME Summit 2022: Business Resilience & Digital Transformation


It was an exciting day of business growth, resilience, and embracing digital transformation.

The event at Toronto's Metro Convention Centre on Wednesday, October 26th was an inspiring summit where we had the chance to meet several enthusiastic, motivated entrepreneurs and executives.

Embrace Digital Disruption

Some business owners, managers and executives have hesitated at the idea of implementing initiatives to meet modern customer demands: a centralized and integrated brand experience, seamlessly integrated across digital channels.

Whether due to fear, or the required knowledge and expertise, it has been difficult for some to embrace the necessary changes a business must undergo to survive this business climate.

The event was about sharing the principles, strategies, and tools for business success in a new age with steep competition.

The Democratization of Digital Tools

The democratization of cloud platforms and data management has opened a new playing field for businesses. By embracing digital disruption, key players can make drastic positive changes in the lives of their employees and customers.

Ultimately, being a core team member of an organization striving to make a positive impact is about creativity, taking on new challenges, and enjoying the innovation required to solve complex, dynamic problems.

That said, it takes a certain amount of aversion to risk to move into a new world and overcome fear of change—individually and organization wide—to embrace new technology.

Connecting Entrepreneurs from All Walks of Life

The event was in the third-largest tech hub in North America (Toronto) and we had the opportunity to meet and connect with so many like-minded entrepreneurs. There was a constant flow of ideation and creativity to complex business problems during the networking sessions, and it was exciting to learn about the latest innovative technologies that be effective for businesses spanning numerous industries.

We established new connections, partnerships, and business opportunities and look forward to implementing new tools and strategies. As an organization focused on continual improvement and self-development, this experience will be instrumental in helping us achieve results for our clients.

Bonnie Chung, our Director of Performance, and Chris Meunier, our Vice President of Sales & Marketing are thrilled to have attended and gained invaluable insights from industry leaders, including (but not limited to):

  1. Shiraz Siddique
    Media Host & Consulting Editor of Small Business Talks

  2. Hank Hoffmeier
    Author, Speaker, Podcast Host and Strategic Insights Manager at iContact

  3. Michael Cascone
    Head of Government Experience, Xero Canada

  4. Nishant Raina
    MBA, Director of Product Management for Small Business at MasterCard Canada

  5. Rupen Seoni
    Chief Revenue Officer at Environics Analytics

  6. Erin Knese
    Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Thryv

  7. Sai Huda
    CEO of CyberCatch

Thank You

Thank you to the SME Summit 2022 event organizers, volunteers, and participants for hosting a fantastic conference! The world of small and medium businesses is alive and well, thriving with ingenuity and resourcefulness.

We cannot wait to attend next year! Meanwhile, our team can start carrying out some of the sound strategies we’ve learned and enhance the quality of service for all our clients.

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