The BreezeMaxWeb & Google "Digital Happy Hour" Takes Over Vancouver!


On Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 The "Digital Happy Hour" presented by BreezeMaxWeb and Google had gathered over 30 companies from all over metropolitan city! The event took place at the Opus Hotel in Yaletown, with many businesses gathering to network and learn new marketing tactics to improve their ventures.

BreezeMaxWeb's Vice President of Business Expansion, Stevan Cvjetkovich and Google's Sale Accelerator, Hilary Kilgour were the main keynote speakers at the event. Presenting the significance of strategically positioning websites on Google and methods to leverage mobile advertising. Digital Advertising is now the go-to method to promote and advanced businesses in today's market. Each year, smartphones get more advanced and technical, with consumers searching and paying through mobile apps, there is a significant need to optimize mobile searches.

Hilary Kilgour was jubilant to join us at the event and expressed, great excitement for both BreezeMaxWeb and Google. "Every time I work with Google Partners, I am reminded how fortunate we are to have such an amazing extended team filled with bright people who are determined to make information accessible." stated Hilary.

There's no denying the fact that BreezeMaxWeb & Google's most popular Digital Event has greatly developed and progressed over the past year. With the over growing demand of informational seminars, BreezeMaxWeb & Google will continue to help provide and present these events to educate individual business owners to succeed!

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