A Good Lesson in AdWords


Why Success Online Is Important:
With today’s shift towards online advertising there are many companies who are not yet ready. While success can occur by targeting the right customers, it is important to make sure your company truly understands what is happening. There are more uses for different channels and the ways in which customers use various devices can make or break your companies success. Traditional marketing has started to be taken over with the need, not want, for companies to be visible online whenever a potential customer goes to search. This could be on mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop. With the growth of online marketing more companies have sprouted up thinking that they could easily capture market share and beat out competitors who have been servicing customers for 25+ years. The truth is that the old companies, if not up to date with the new shift, could in fact be taken over by these newer businesses. Understanding this reality and taking advantage of the abundance of online resources should act as a kick start to be seen everywhere online.

Understanding How To Advertise:
Your company should understand and research what competitors are doing. Make sure that your company stays ahead of the competition by matching and improving on current channels. If you notice your competitors are focused on AdWords, a good strategy would be to use that with a combination of email marketing or social media to help differentiate and acquire new customers. Advertising online can become tricky and it usually takes a few months of full optimization to start seeing continuous results. This is important as many companies feel that after 1 month, with no results, online advertising does not work and they discontinue. It is vital to understand that just like anything, growing a business and seeing results online takes time. Nothing happens in a day, week or even a month.

Why Pausing Under Performing May Not Be Best:
When it comes to selecting the right keywords to advertise your business it is important to stick to your thoughts. While it will be vital to find words that will bring in new customers, just because a word is not performing and bringing in much traffic today does not mean it never will. When it comes to Google AdWords it works based on searches. Today there may be a low amount but in 6 months it might pick up. Finding variations of certain keywords will help with seeing results today but pausing those that are under-performing, which are not costing your company money, could be useful in the future. AdWords is on a pay per click basis which means zero clicks results in no costs for your ads to show up. If someone clicks then your company pays and the keywords in the account, which causes your ads to show, should be what you want to be seen for.

Finding The Right ROI:
Testing on AdWords is useful and needed. There are lots of statistics available to help your company reach a good level of optimization. By testing and using the tools in the system your company will see more calls, sales and form fill outs. Testing can be done both in the system; keywords, bids, ads and outside the system; landing page structure, contact form location, phone number size. There are other systems that also work hand in hand such as Google Analytics which tracks website traffic on a daily basis. This means that with changes made to the site to help reduce the number of people that leave your website quickly, your company can see if the adjustments help or hurt it even more. This testing will help with improving ROI in combination with AdWords in an effort to fast track the visibility process online.

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