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As a business owner in today’s fast-paced world, it can be hard to keep track of all the emails you need to send with updates and promotions, sending appointment reminders manually, which wastes essential time and productivity, and responding to customer questions that come in throughout the day. Without the proper infrastructure, patients could forget about an appointment, potential customers could miss out on a sale they were interested in, and your reputation could take a hit after people leave negative reviews if they think they were ignored.

BreezeMarket is a tailor-made suite of products to help small to large businesses authentically communicate with their current clients, customers, patients, and reach out to people that may be interested in a product or service. It also features our unique reputation management tool, BreezeReview. BreezeReview allows you to send a customizable text or email asking clients to review your business after you provide exceptional service.

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Objective: Show how active your website is by incorporating notifications when somebody adds a product to their cart, purchases your products, leaves a review, signs up for your newsletter or if you are having a flash sale to create urgency.

Product Summary: EMAIL MARKETING

Objective: To engage an audience with strategic messaging to promote activities that provide value. Our email marketing campaigns utilize the most advanced and cutting edge strategies to increase open rates and reduce the number of individuals on the list that unsubscribe.


Objective: Boost your customer interaction by sending automated text messages to your current and potential clients. Through BreezeText, you can send appointment reminders, send VIP promotions, and send surveys to engage with your customers.


Objective: To enable businesses to take control of their reputation before others do. 95% of purchasing decisions are based on GMB reviews, with 72% of buyers admitting that negative reviews affect their purchasing decision. With BreezeReview, you can manage your business reputation online and boost your brand effortlessly.

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