I can't tell you enough about how BreezePix™ has simplified my life with regards to social media and tracking its effectiveness on our small little business. We operate a mom and pop shop and it's hard to answer call and inquiries and track exactly where they came from because sometimes we forget. We do other advertising online as well and being able to tell where the calls and emails are coming from have been great support for us to manage where to allocate our marketing dollars better.  

Greg Smith
Owner, The Rock Island Tire Co.


Tracking your paid adverts and conversions on social media just got a whole lot easier! BreezePix harnesses the power of your social media ad campaign into easily traceable and verified reports through the use of Pixels codes and Insight Tags which are embedded onto a website. Whether you're trying to track conversions, email sign ups, online purchases or more ? Do it right with BreezePix the most integrated social media ad campaign tracker and insights tool in the market.

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